Thursday, March 19, 2015

She ordered a scrambled egg plate with a side of bacon but did not eat it. She stared hard at her plate like she was afraid to look up. Her light blue eyes were almost lost within the dark, sleepless circles surrounding them. "HEY did you hear me?!" The table shook as he lurched forward violently, making her flinch and stare even more intently at her eggs. "I'm talking to you. You LISTEN to me when I'm talking to you," he hissed. Even from across the counter at O'Harley's, Yesu could see the man's body shaking with a disturbing amount of rage and testosterone. "Yes, I hear you," she muttered. "Goddamn, I feed you and put a fucking roof over your head and you won't even acknowledge me when I talk to you?! You just think you're a little princess that can do whatever the hell you want. Fucking whore, that's all you are" He was inches away from her face, practically spitting in it. Yesu could see innocence, pain, fear, heartbreak and hopelessness raging storms within those soft, gentle eyes. They were the eyes of a person who had once known God, but lost faith that he could ever be real because of the horrors they had faced. It physically pained Yesu to look into those eyes because he saw a reflection of his mother and his 7-year-old self. He saw his sweet little Uma's heart break as she watched her husband go through raging fits of withdrawal. He saw the fear and vulnerability in himself as a young boy. The young boy who couldn't understand the psychotic episodes he witnessed from his father, the man who was supposed to protect him and comfort him.
The man flung his napkin onto the table and stormed towards the bathroom. Her eyes were still glued to the plate. She brushed a lock of soft blond hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear, revealing dark purple bruise on her neck that contrasted terribly against her pale skin. Yesu felt his stomach drop and he looked towards the men's room with anger and contempt that had been building up for over 40 years. But then he looked back at the table to see her biting her lip and furrowing her brows like she was pondering whether or not she had the strength to get up and walk right out of the diner. He wanted to see her smile so badly. So instead of handling the man like he deserved, Yesu touched the woman on the shoulder. "I can help you. Come with me, I'll take you behind the counter, out of sight and call the police. Hurry."