Friday, December 19, 2014

The day really started at 6:00 PM for Yesu because he didn't feel alive until his routine nightly prayer. “In the name of the Holy spirit, Amen.” Yesu rose slowly from his knees, still overpowered by the intense emotions and thoughts that pulsed through his veins. His routine evening prayer must have lasted longer than he expected because the sun had set and everything was dark. Now the only light came from the glowing full moon, which cast long shadows through the only window in Yesu’s small apartment living room. The whole room, in fact the whole apartment was filled with paintings, portraits, sketches and magazine clippings of the Virgin Mary, Heaven and any biblical scene imaginable. Yesu gently traced his fingers over the largest painting in the living room, one of Mary with her arms outstretched. “Don’t worry mother, I’m not letting you down. I’m trying my best, I really am,” he murmured. Drained both emotionally and physically, Yesu decided it was time for a hot cup of tea to counteract the bitterly cold and foggy weather that was occurring outside. Yesu flipped on the kitchen lights and started to boil a kettle of water.

All of a sudden, Yesu heard a loud, thumping, mechanical noise and then what sounded like a dying engine as the entire room was flooded with darkness. The power had gone out and left Dreamwood Terrace a peaceful and sleepy silent. However, Yesu’s mind flooded with panic, all he could think was “what if they got out?” Yesu grabbed the keys to apartment 413 and flew down the hallway and down the fire escape stairs. He fumbled to put the keys in the lock and flung open the door. He edged down the narrow hall that led to the bedroom, prepared for anything. He pressed his ear against the door. Silence. After unlocking the rickety wooden door, he peaked through the bars of the heavy, cast-iron door concealed behind it. A wave of relief washed over him when he saw them sleeping on the floor, huddled over in separate corners. The bars were still tightly screwed onto the window, so dense that they suffocated almost all moonlight before it could reach the floor. Yesu locked the ramshackle wooden door and sank down to the floor with his back pressed against it. He took the wooden rosary that he kept at all times out of his pocket and clasped it against his chest. He squeezed his eyes shut and whispered “Thank you father for guiding me on my mission. I am not only your son, but your servant.”